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What it can do for your business

EPMware Master Data Management (MDM) on Cloud helps businesses gain a trusted view of metadata in a hybrid computing environment. Benefit from the same powerful capabilities of EPMware On-Premise Master Data Management, with the extensibility of cloud deployment models for speed, scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Direct Cloud to Cloud Master Data Management and Cloud to On-premise.

  • Pre-Built integration for PBCS and FCCS Hyperion Cloud applications
  • Pre-Built integration for Hyperion HFM, Planning and Essbase On-premise

EPMware takes a metadata request from Request to Deploy, enforcing validations, approvals, and scheduled deployments.


EPMware Cloud Architecture

No commingling of data allows you to import and deploy metadata securely

EPMware uses a unique, hybrid, multi-tenant architecture which is secure yet cost-effective.  This architecture completely separates your data from other customers’ data, while allowing us to rapidly roll out the latest functionality to everyone, all at once. This approach also offers the most configurability.

Multi-tenant with individual schemas and distinct application instance per customer

Our highly scalable and secure multi-tenant approach offers substantial scalability. It is multi-tenant so customers are logically segmented at the database level, complete with their own database schema. We also provide a distinct application instance per customer, offering better security through enforced memory segregation.

Build on Amazon’s Cloud

EPMware Cloud is built on Amazon’s Cloud Infrastructure for the most reliable and secure cloud environment available.

  • Load Balanced
  • Multi-Availability Zone Redundancy
  • Auto-Scaling
  • Distinct Production and QA environments

This architecture offers several advantages:

  • Continuous, timely improvement: With all customers on the same release, EPMware Cloud can react to market demands or industry changes faster, since we can focus on one version for support and the next version for development. As a result, you get the benefits of four releases per year.
  • Security and Reliability: Our Cloud infrastructure is built entirely on Amazon’s Cloud (AWS).
  • Better usage: EPMware analyzes the behavioral use of our solution. We can identify application areas that are not being used often and make improvements.
  • Better insight and performance: EPMware offers better system-wide analytics (for example, identifying most used and least used features and reasons why), and system-wide performance at the control and parameter levels.
  • Increased customer participation: EPMware motivates you to submit enhancements, since you experience regular improvements being shipped faster.
  • Lower subscription cost: EPMware Cloud lowers costs due to economies of scale.




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