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Get native and prebuilt integration support for the most widely used EPM, CPM, and ERP technologies.

EPMware's out-of-the-box, code-free integrations let business users maximize productivity using EPMware’s centralized hierarchy management and workflow approval process to intuitively manage metadata. 

Empowering business users to take control of their own metadata management eliminates long wait times for technical resources to update and deploy the metadata for data loading and reporting activities.

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Why Code-Free Integration?

The easy answer is “to improve master data quality,” but that barely scratches the surface of why EPMware’s code-free integration is a game-changer for master data management.

EPMware offers built-in governance and validations, which frees up technical resources from running mundane validation tasks and increases efficiency and master data release times.

Our code-free integration also reduces development costs by providing universal adapters that connect and integrate with applications EPMware doesn’t have an out-of-the-box integration for yet.

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Close the Loop

Deploying metadata requests in other master data management solutions leaves users in the dark. Sometimes you don’t know that a change failed until your data or analytics have been impacted.

When EPMware adapters push metadata to subscribing applications, real-time validation confirms whether the application successfully consumed the metadata. If a change fails, EPMware identifies the error so the user or administrator can easily resolve it and update the validations so the error does not occur again. 

This validation gives users confidence that the downstream application is ready for data loading or reporting.

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On-Premises and in the Cloud

EPMware integrations work across homogenous application environments, including cloud-to-cloud or on-prem-to-on-prem. They also support hybrid integrations so your cloud and on-prem apps seamlessly share metadata.

Because EPMware’s offering is the same whether you utilize it for on-prem or cloud applications, you can use one offering to get full integration across your infrastructure.

No Adapter? No Problem

EPMware has prebuilt adapters for the most popular EPM, CPM, and ERP technologies. However, if there isn’t one available yet for any of your existing applications, EPMware can configure a universal adapter to export a flat file or integrate with a data warehouse.

EPMware’s growing inventory of pre-built adapters means we’ve likely got your applications covered out of the box:

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  • OneStream

  • Anaplan

  • Microsoft Partner

  • Inlumi

  • Planful

  • Workday

  • Blackline

  • NetSuite

  • SAP

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  • Stratos

  • Amosca