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Say goodbye to “spaghetti” integration.

Manually entering and managing financial master data changes across multiple enterprise business applications adds unnecessary complexity to your business-critical data systems and processes. EPMware provides systems managers and administrators with a centralized, fully integrated master data management and workflow solution that allows users to view, request, approve, and deploy metadata across applications.

EPMware’s metadata and data governance capabilities are technology agnostic, so not only does EPMware integrate out of the box with popular platforms, like Hyperion, OneStream, Workday, SAP, etc., it also includes universal adapters that allow users to connect, integrate, and share metadata with financial and non-financial applications we don’t have specific adapters for (yet).

This flexibility lets you create a powerful financial master data management strategy for the technologies you use today, and easily adapt if your platform and technology needs change.

Spaghetti integration

Average EPMware Cost Savings and Efficiency Gained:

37% Average cost savings
67% Reduction in metadata processing
46% Overall efficiency gained

Gain more time to explore business growth opportunities.

EPMware’s intelligent metadata management platform automates many of the routine tasks financial systems managers and their teams currently spend days, weeks, and even months repeating. 

With out-of-the-box features such as direct integration with the most popular EPM, CPM, and ERP technologies, a universal adapter to share metadata across applications we don’t have out-of-the-box integration with yet, application builder templates, and real-time validations to ensure changes deploy successfully, you have more time to focus on innovation and driving valuable business outcomes.

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Enforce workflows to standardize and rationalize metadata.

EPMware’s workflow engines allow users to create metadata requests, submit the request for review and enrichment, gather approvals, and deploy changes upstream and downstream to all target systems.

EPMware enforces workflow governance policies  to ensure that metadata across all applications is standardized and rationalized, providing peace of mind that your metadata is always accessible, accurate, and trustworthy.

Screenshot showing data standardization and rationalization in EPMware

Monitor the status of metadata requests in real time.

EPMware’s intuitive dashboard lets business users, systems managers, and application administrators visually monitor the status of metadata requests in real time from initial creation through review, approval, and deployment. Graphically representing the status of each request in the workflow makes it easy to identify bottlenecks in the metadata request process and determine whether an escalation is required.

Screenshot showing visibility into metadata requests in EPMware